Frequently asked questions and answers on our products and services

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions below to enable you to find answers fast.


Are cabinets flat packed or assembled?
All of our cabinets are pre-assembled by hand to ensure quality and ease of installation. We do not offer flat pack.
Do you have a physical showroom?
We have no plans at the moment to open a physical showroom, our services are provided remotely and delivered online
Where are your cabinets manufactured?
We have two dealerships, Mereway Trend cabinets are manufactured in Birmingham, Masterclass Style cabinets are manufactured in Wales.
What material are your cabinets made from?
This depends on the style of kitchen. We have two different types of materials. High density Melamine faced chipboard (HD MFC) is the most common material used but it does come in different qualities. Most high street chains make use of low density chipboard as it is cheaper to buy raw, it is loosely compressed and prone to water damage. Our suppliers use high density which is the strongest grade of chipboard available, far less prone to water damage. Medium density fiberboard (MDF) is an engineered wood that is very hard wearing and resilient to warping. This material is generally used for the higher end range of our cabinets.
What thickness cabinets and doors do you offer?
We offer 19mm high density Egger MFC carcasses, as comparison most high street competitors offer 18mm low density MFC. Thickness of doors vary between style from 18mm through to 22mm.
What finishes do you offer?
We have several finishes available within different price brackets. Vinyl foil matt and gloss, MFC for a more natural look and feel and painted matt and gloss
How many styles of doors do you have?
We have slab doors which are as the name suggests, a plain solid piece of wood that can be used handled or handleless using a special profile. J handle which is our handleless range that does not require a profile. Slim and traditional shaker, slims offers simple elegance in comparison to the more traditionally known 5 piece and single shaker style.
How are designs and documents delivered?
For your design pack, we have a specially designed cloud platform that effortlessly allows you to login via a username and password that we will generate and email to you. All your quotes, floor plans, elevations, installation plans, 4K resolution renders and VR showcase are delivered on the platform. The platform also allows you to easily share designs to family and friends, compare different styles and provide feedback on amendments. This area is secure and confidential at all times.
How does the VR work?
The virtual reality experience is delivered directly to your design pack online. This can be accessed from anywhere in the world using your unique username and password. You can view the VR on a PC or laptop but will not be able to truly immerse yourself in to the experience, for this reason we recommend viewing the VR showcase on a smart phone or tablet with a three-axis gyroscope sensor. The VR offers a full 360° view, designs can be seen from multiple angles and viewpoints to fully understand not only how your design has been planned, but how it looks and feels practically. No additional hardware or software is required but we have created an industry first VR viewer that can be used to enhance your experience.
What are the benefits of VR?
The virtual reality experience allows your to fully understand and appreciate your design. The problem with 2D plans and 3D renders alone is that it's literally impossible to visualise your ideas. Our VR brings your kitchen to life right in front of your eyes.
Wren Kitchens offer VR, what's the difference?
The simple answer is flexibility. Wren's VR service is available in limited showrooms across the UK, you physically go to a participating showroom and you have to use expensive hardware. In comparison, our VR can be accessed from anywhere in the world, no need for additional hardware, no limitations, no need to book another design consultation, always available and no limit how many people can benefit from the experience.
How good are the design renders?
All of our design renders are created in high resolution 4K UHD. What's more is that they are photorealistic, this means they are as true to life as possible, with attention to detail and rich colours.
How long does delivery of my order take?
This depends on the style, size and complexity of the final design, most kitchens take an average of three weeks to manufacture and deliver from confirmation of production.
How do I view products?
We have carcase, door and profile samples available that can be posted to you for a small delivery fee. The delivery fee is refunded upon confirmation.
Do you offer a guarantee?
All cabinets and doors are manufacture guaranteed for 10 years.
Do you offer installation?
At the moment we do not offer installation, but we can put you in touch with vetted installers provided you are based in London.
Can you supply appliances?
Yes, we have several top brands available offering ovens, cookers, hoods, fridge freezers, dishwasher, wine coolers, washing machines and dryers, sinks and taps. Appliances must be purchased with a kitchen.



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