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innovating the way we design, buy and sell kitchens.
We are taking technology to its limit and creating immersive designs that utilise virtual reality from the comfort of your home.

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At Puzzle Kitchens we are innovating the way we design, buy and sell kitchens. We are taking technology to its limit and creating immersive designs that utilise virtual reality from the comfort of your home. Now you can visualise every aspect of your design, understand expectations and make decisions easier. Our photorealistic VR puts you at the centre of your kitchen with full 360° visual from multiple viewpoints. As an ethical startup sustainability is also important to us, this is why we are committed to minimising our carbon footprint by using environmentally friendly products and green credential services.

Our design process involves creating fully bespoke spaces in which you can truly visualise your dream kitchen design by utilising an immersive virtual reality in the comfort of your home. VR in the kitchen industry has existed for a few years now, but little to none is known about the potential it offers you.


To be able to visualise your kitchen designs using full 360° panoramic is not new, but imagine being able to do this from multiple angles and viewpoints without leaving the space, imagine simply looking at a viewpoint and being transported from your sink to the hob within seconds, this is what we can give you.

VR is offered by very few retailers, mainly because the technology is expensive, time consuming and quite often requires long wait times and appointments to try, it’s also incredibly impractical, imagine amending your design 4 times and having to book long wait time appointments 4 times just to view in VR. Showroom VR utilises an expensive and heavy headset often Oculus or Samsung VR, you can only ever experience this going in to a showroom and using a headset that has been used by 100s more prior to you.

So what make us different?

We bring you all the benefits and immersive experiences advantages of viewing your kitchen design without all the hassle of appointments, wait times and running around. Our VR is delivered to your dedicated online account. Every single time we amend your design, we update your VR, this means you always maintain full access to every aspect of your design, anywhere, anytime. But that’s not all, our VR is very different to the showrooms, our bespoke created spaces allow you to let your imagination run wild, from little details such as textured paint on the wall to literally specifying that particular Farrow & Ball paint colour you are considering. 100s of different flooring options to visualise from laminte, through to engineered wood, parquet and stone tiles. Roof lights, sloped ceilings, sliding doors, bi-folding doors, open doors, closed doors. Even bespoke colour furniture, we can do it all!


Your unique VR experience is further enhanced in 2 ways, our high resolution photorealistic renders and our VR viewer. We are the first industry company proud to be able to bring you some of the benefits of VR viewed through a specially designed and easy to assemble package. Our viewer is sustainably developed to ensure it is 100% recyclable and bio-degradable, it arrive flat packed in the post and assembles in under 30 seconds.

Our ethos is simple, help consumers view kitchen designs using the power of technology, help to remove buyers remorse and offer more confidence in their buying experience, whilst ensuring we are a responsible low carbon footprint business.


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