Carbon Neutral Kitchens


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Puzzle kitchens offer a comprehensive design service aimed squarely at helping you achieve a kitchen that you will love and that will last you for many years to come.


Thinking and acting sustainably

Globally, we are facing major challenges that require more sustainable thinking and action. There are many other measures in which Häcker is committed to sustainability and social responsibility.

Kitchen furniture from Häcker is carbon neutral

Häcker Küchen was the first kitchen furniture manufacturer whose entire product portfolio is carbon neutral. This was proven by a CFP study by the institute "Focus Zukunft", which aimed at the quantitative determination of greenhouse gas emissions over the course of the life cycle, from the cradle to the customer.

Water-based coatings

Häcker works together with the renowned manufacturer ADLER Lacke. It produces more than two-thirds of its water-based products. This has many advantages for nature as well as for the consumer. The surfaces are resistant, feel good and look perfect. In addition, they contribute to a positive life cycle assessment, as they sustainably protect and refine the renewable, natural raw material wood. Water-based coating materials produce about 90 percent less solvent during processing. Water-based coatings from ADLER are therefore environmentally friendly and extend the service life of the wood. This supports the sustainability philosophy of Häcker Küchen for a clean environment and a first-class lacquer surface.
Häcker mainly uses an environmentally friendly water-based paint system and lacquer laminate with a high recycled content (>50%). In order to keep the ecological footprint as small as possible, the innovative recycled product is sourced from a manufacturer in the NRW region. This means short delivery routes, with low resource consumption and maximum quality stability.

Healthy living – formaldehyde-reduced wood-based materials

Formaldehyde is an unbound, volatile, organic compound that is used in the production of wood-based materials in common binders – e.g. in glues and resins based on urea, melamine or phenol. Above a certain concentration in the air, it is harmful to human health.
Through a careful selection of wood-based materials and our suppliers, it has been possible to comply with the stricter emission guidelines in accordance with the US standards CARB2 (93120) and TSCA title 6. The maximum values of the European directives emission class E1 are complied with and in some areas even far below. With PURemission, we have created the best conditions for clean indoor air and thus set standards for our customers and for a better environment.
With the innovative gluing technology PUResist, we achieve the highest quality properties for all edges. They are water-repellent and are characterized by high resistance.
In order to keep the promise of quality, the materials are regularly tested in the Häcker test laboratory for their resistance to water vapour, humid and alternating climate. The test scenario simulates extreme conditions that far exceed the actually expected loads. Häcker is technically able to provide narrow parts with a water-resistant thick edge that meets the highest quality and visual requirements. Whether hot steam or splashing water – a Häcker kitchen is completely protected sustainably.
The high-quality "PUResist gluing" is consistently used for all edges. For this purpose, a formaldehyde- and solvent-free polyurethane reaction adhesive is used.